Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What I would do if I got $1,000,000

I have a lot of things what I want to do if I got $1,000,000. The problem is no longer about running out of whole money for my "plans", it's about time. Because, our time is limit. Using great amount of money takes such a long time. Of course, just using (wasting) money is quite easy. But, I would like to use money by organized way.
For instance, I would like to visit all country in the world. Before the journey, I need to schedule it seriously. If I neglected planning, it wouldn't be grate.
By the way, what would I do? Before I mentioned, journey is also one of the my options. I would like to do something what I've never done before. In addition, nobody or only few people have done, would be included in my options. How about going to universe? It must be marvelous. Though, right now, unfortunately I realized it costs more than $1,000,000. To accomplish it, I have to make unbelievable quantity of money. As I consider going to universe, my dream is escaping from my hands. Dream comes true, I wish that this phrase is sure.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The social taboos in Japan that a foreigner should know about

If you want to visit Japan someday, you should be careful about few things, Japanese are really confused when you do. Basically , Japanese are regarded very polite and shy. To know about Japanese character of average is helpful to stay there. When you meet someone who knows you and you knows him, you likely to kiss as greeting or shake hands. It seems to be natural for you, but in japan, this situation is weird for us. Normally, we say only "Hi, how are you?". Though, if you do that, Japanese will be upset. We don't have the culture which other countries have, besides we tend to make a little distance between ourself and others.

The other thing which you shouldn' do in Japan is ,that general Japanese are not be able to speak English not as well as Europeans do in fact. Foe example, if you start talking to Japanese in English, they would be upset and hesitate to speak. Because general Japanese don't know how to speak English. Because of educational system. Normally, We learn English total for 6 years in junior high school and high school. But we learn English only writing, there is no oppotunity to speak English. Japanese educational institution has been adopting wrong way of teaching. No longer, They don't so much as change a little about this system. As long as they keep this attitude, Japanese can't speak English.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Differences between Japan and Canada

In my opinion, Japan and Canada are similar. As the biggest reason, both countries are developed. Therefore, it's somewhat difficult to find differences. Naturally, Japanese mother tongue isn't English. Besides we don't use alphabet not like Spanish, French and any other language do. So, to speak, write and read English are hard for us.

In the last 10-15years, our country's changed a little. Some private elementary schools have become teaching English.Normally, when we become junior high school students, we start studying English. Because globalization's been promoting that. Globalization affect our feeling which we concider about overseas.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

1, When I was 18 year, I got involved in a car accident,then I flew almost 10m.

2, I said "calm down" to Pierre more than 30 times in whistler.

3, My agency which had managed my plan to study in Canada went bankrupt.

4, I cut my hair in Canada.

5, I've studied English,and French a little in my high school.

6, I like fresh tomatoes.

7, I'd never played pool before I came to Canada.

8, When I drove car in Canada, I drove on left side.

9, I have a girlfriend in Japan.

10, I've been to USA,Korea .